Unforgettable Lessons



Yesterday, November 29th, God blessed me with  another age.  I have not been around for so long; it’s been two decades and some years. In these years, I have spent most of my time reading books, observing society among others.  Through these  activities, I have learnt lessons, gained experiences and formed perceptions over the years. Recently, I read a book by Nesta Jojo Erskine ” Unforgettable: Living a Life That Matters” which shows readers how they can live unforgettable lives in the simplest of ways and decisions. I guess that’s what sparked the title of this post.

They are my perceptions and what I identify with might not be the same as yours. Howbeit, in the lessons I have shared, there are general principles we can derive and practice. Hope it helps and don’t forget to share your thoughts once you are done reading. As we are about to enter the last month of December, make the effort to live and resolve to do and be better. Enjoy!


1. Our blueprints may not always work out as planned. Sometimes, we need an expert consultant to give us a redirectional map. That consultant is God.

2. Love yourself, love your flaws and find beauty in your imperfections, they are intertwined in our lives for a purpose.

3. Understand the dynamics of seasons and times but don’t forget to work hard too.

4. Appreciate the value of teamwork and the power of networking.

5. Life will get bitchy but don’t let the painful experiences turn you into a shadow of how awesome you are.

6. On your journey of purpose, invest in yourself. It will be one of your greatest assets.

7. You are not a definition of your past if you resolve to do right.

8. Our hearts, souls and tongues are three of the most sensitive parts of our lives. Watch what you feed them with.

9. Forgive easily, don’t harbour grudges. There are more lessons to be learnt, mistakes to be made, beauty to discover, places to explore and more forgiving to do than to decide to harbour bitterness.

10. Don’t live your life on the whims, perceptions and opinions of others. This is not to say you are immune to critiquing or receiving counsel. Learn and take cues from others but having discernment is necessary. As it is said, a person without purpose is like a ship without a rudder.

11. Value and build friendships, relationships, family and networks. Find a tribe of people who push you to do better and allow you to be yourself.

12. Resolve to be open to learning from others and seek help when you need it.

13. It is said that a river degenerates with time. Sometimes, it is best to be patient but ensure to be persistent in your efforts while you wait patiently.

14. Pick up the broken pieces.
Sometimes it is this brokenness that redirects us to our purpose.

15. Live life to the fullest. You may not have everything figured out but live life. Discover yourself. Life is a journey and at every point, things are seen in perspective depending on what you strive for.

16. There will be days when you feel like you are walking through fire. Walk through gracefully. You will not be scourged by it. Like fire refines gold so shall it be for you; refined, beautiful and unscathed.

17. In a world where kindness is sometimes forgotten easily, never run out of it. In a world where we are chasing trade winds and searching for sometimes “selfish” meaning to our lives, be the light that illuminates the darkness. Be the voice that speaks for others, be the rose which helps others bloom. Be the encouragement someone needs and be a blessing to a broken soul.

18. Nothing lasts forever and when you become a diamond, you will see why life had to pressure you. You will see why things had to be broken and then be fixed, you will see why things that seem so confusing before brings so much clarity now, you will see why the ores of gold had to be refined. When you become a diamond, you will see why.

19. There will be days when you feel like giving up. Whenever you feel that way, think of the several others who look up to you for inspiration, who will be blessed by your purpose. Don’t give up.

20. Don’t expect everyone to support you. Understand your purpose and move in that direction; the universe someway, somehow, conspires to make a way when you least expect it.

21. Take responsibility of your life and actions. You can’t blame your way into the future.

22. The direction of our lives will be dependent on the values, principles and ethos we ascribe to; the ultimate decision lies with us.
23. Set goals and chase them to the best of your ability.”Whatever you can dream, you can begin it.”(Goethe)

24. Achieving excellence is a life long learning cycle and the level of work, diligence and commitment you attach to it will determine it.

25. Make projections for the future for it is in these projections and preparations that bring clarity to our lives and purpose.

26. Be you! Be unique!Leave a legacy worth emulating.

27. No matter your religion, political affiliation, gender, race among others, the essence of mankind is in our level of humanity towards others. Let’s love rather than hate and bickering, let’s strive for peace rather than war,be kind rather than be infected with greed. We are all one-winged birds and we need others to live.

Nana Akua Frimpomaa Amofa (c) 2018


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