Finding Forgiveness # 1


” I am seven months pregnant”.

She felt her body thrown into a whirlwind. Her head was spinning and her blood pressure was on the rise. She looked into Awuni’s eyes hoping he would dispell what she had heard 5 hours 42 minutes and 16 seconds earlier. Wiping off the beads of sweat dotting her forehead she asks, ” Awuni, tell me its not true.”

He replies avoiding her eyes, ” You have to believe me. I havent been with her.”

Sniffing, she sits up on the floor and faces him from where he sits on the couch.

” Please call her. I want to believe what you are saying is true.” He lets out a short dry, dry laugh. ” Call her? No. I will do no such thing”. ” I said call her!”

This time, he picks the phone but avoids making the call. He gets up and heads towards her. He cups her hands in his.

” Abena. I am being honest with you. I  know nothing about this. I haven’t cheated on you. Please calm down. She just asked me to help her out.”

Abena’s eyes pop in bewilderment, ” I dont understand this. When did it become your responsibility to help her out?”
Her question is met with silence.

But she goes on ” I dont know how she got my number but she called me telling me she is pregnant for you and you guys are still togeher. How true is that?”



Silence again. Abena goes on a crazy frenzy; she screams pacing frantically; breaking and throwing things about – but he still denies it. The tears won’t stop and she’s shaking all over. She hugs her knees and rocks herself gently.

” God please tell me this is all a bad dream. Please”.

Then finally he breaks the ice, ” Abena, it’s true. She is pregnant. The child is mine.”

Abena screams in frantic despair clasping her hands over her head.

” How long have you known”, she blurts out trying to remain calm. Still avoiding her eyes; he answers dryly; his face expressionless. “I found out six months ago”.

…..A month after she took seed. She screamed again and ripped off her dress running out of the house. Abena would have run mad  if Amina, her neighbour turned friend  had not caught hold of her……

That night she fought with herself; her eyelids could not surrender to sleep and every time she tried to close her eyes, nightmares followed her. Her body shuddered  every 5 seconds from several hours of crying.  How had she missed this? How come she had seen no signs? A seed had been sown…. a seed she had been wishing to have for a while now. Her greatest contender had won instead…… Going out of their marriage was one thing but to get her pregnant was another issue all together. All Abena had wanted was a fairy tale ending. Getting married to the man of her dreams was going to solve everything. She was wrong. The nights were going to get longer and harder than usual. The light in Amina’s guest room gave her some comfort….

The story  continues next week….

Nana Akua Frimpomaa Amofa  (c) 2017





7 thoughts on “Finding Forgiveness # 1

  1. sex line stories says:

    Jesus this actually happened to me! Wow…….I brought my son up alone after I kicked my ex out. He’s five now


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