Seeking Truth




Hmm.Sorry. It’s fine.
My apologies.
I was just a girl who loved you so
With every strand of my being
Though you are lined with flaws and filled with blemishes just as I am too
All I asked was a reassuring squeeze of the shoulder
A kiss on the forehead ( just how it makes my heart flutter when you do)
Trust me I will have let go of all the insecurities and  doubts, Stop the second guesses at the beep of your phone
And arguments brewing inside of me
For you to drop your ego and look me in the eyes no matter how painstaking they may be and tell me
“ I am sorry. It was a mistake never going to repeat itself in a form like this or another”
That’s all my prayers asked for, my soul ached for
Was I wrong to search or ask for this?
Was it such a mundane task?
For you to restore my inner peace
To settle the impending friction of my mental faculties
To crumble the thoughts of my inadequacies from the past
To fizzle out the unfinished tears in my ducts
To ease the numbness and pains I felt in my heart all at once
And rescue me from the tumultuous nights I tried to sleep
Erase the words entangled and engraved in my cognitive faculties
I bottled it all up
Creating my own hourglass
I watched as the sand slowly formed a sculpture of seconds, minutes, hours, days and weeks
Of waiting, wishing, hoping and seeking honesty
From the depths of your conscience
And release me from the dungeons of the dark you plunged me into
Was I wrong to search for this?
Of seeking truth my heart longed for?
My soul yearned for?
My body ached for?

Nana Akua Frimpomaa Amofa  (c) 2017


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