Before I Spend Forever And A Day With You

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You could see the tiredness drawn all over Mansa’s face. Her shoulders ached and for the 100th time her stomach hadn’t ceased to make loud funny noises. The rounds with Aunt Afi and Irene had been really hectic and to think they had to make 2 more trips in one day to finish off the check list. She sighed. Mansa never thought it was going to be that time consuming and tedious having to find just the right vendors and no exorbitant prices.

The aroma that wafted through her nose from the kitchen when she entered the house with a taxi made her do a happy dance at the back of the seat. Finally she could escape the claws of the taxi driver. Abu as he said he was called was more than a parrot. He had started his tales right from when he had loaded the items into the rather small boot of his car at Aunt Afi’s residence at Kaneshie all the way to East Legon. Every time she tried to close her eyes, Abu will start a tale about dumsor and Nana Addo’s appointments of 110 ministers. Today, she was really tired and didn’t need any of the political issues. All she needed after eating was a cold bubble bath and some sleep. Huddling several polythene bags to her sides, Mansa made her way to the front porch. Abena, a distant cousin dressed in a long flowing dress with small bantu knots on her head rushed out to meet her for the things. She grinned too much and scratched her hair courtesying to Mansa. Abena had been brought from their village 2 weeks ago to help mother with the chores since she was leaving soon.

Mother in her petite form sat in the hall. She looked better she had given them quite a scare that morning when she was getting ready to run errands with her and fainted. Mansa rushed towards an older her and touched her cheeks ” Mummy, how are you feeling now?”
Her mother’s gold teeth glistened in the smile, ” Mansa I am much better now don’t worry at all. Your brothers came here earlier to check up on me.”

Abena dished out some home cooked waakye for her. The thought of her brothers made her laugh. Mansa remembered when they were younger and still lived at home always scaling walls to attend events and she had to open the door for them when they were back from their escapades. One night their luck run out when father caught them sneaking up the stairs to their rooms. He made them sleep on the front porch till the next morning. Yoofi and Paapa Somuah were overly protective .

Growing up, guys in her neighbourhood were always scared to extend their tentative claws on her because of them. Even at the university, they were always asking which guy was making advances at her and who she liked. She was surprised how eventually they had sort of warmed up to Nene when the 2 predecessors before him had not gotten nothing more than a hi anytime they came to visit.

30 minutes in the bubble bath had made her shoulders feel less tensed. She checked her phone and saw 3 missed calls from Nene. The errands had been so hectic they had hardly spoken.
Her heart smiled when she heard his voice at the end of the line.
“ Hey handsome.”
“Mansa.How was your day? I guess you are really tired.”
“ Yes today has been really tiring. These last minute rounds are giving me headaches.”
“ How’s mum feeling now though?”
“ Oh she’s much better. You know old age and all.”
“ Yes she will be fine. Mansa. I know you are really tired but I need to tell you something very important. Can we talk?”

“Nene, you are getting me worried . Is everything ok?”
“ Mansa. It is just a few days to our wedding and to spending the rest of our lives together but there is something I have to tell you. I can’t keep it anymore. I have a confession to make.

She sat on the bed, with  long beads of sweat forming on her forehead.

“ Nene. What is it? Confession? What have you been hiding? Do you have a child with someone? Have you been cheating?”


Before I spend forever with you, I think you should know this;It has been a long road. I remember our first meeting. I thought you were too loud and too much of a show off at lectures. Then eventually I felt shy every time I saw you and the knots that formed in my muscles when you missed lectures. Then the first time I ever had the guts to come up and speak to you after rehearsing severally in that small broken mirror in my room, I knew you were for keeps. With all the other guys hovering around you with cars and all , you chose to accept me and take a risk with me when I only used shuttles and trotros and my dad had refused to release one of his cars for me.

You should have seen me in my house that day when you said yes after I had taken you out for dinner to propose. I am sure my neighbours thought there was a party going on or I was running mad. Every time I read a passage in Proverbs 31, I see that kind of woman in you. Your good counsel, intelligence and ambition is amazing. Mansa your heart of gold is beyond words. I remember our fights; your eyes filled with anger yet still look beautiful. You are such a tease and full of humour that I tend to laugh with you even when I have to be pissed and you always seem to get back at me all the time 😁😁😀
You have always looked beyond my flaws. You never rub them in my face but you have helped me nurture my strengths and gradually I see less of my flaws. Oh and if you can only cook just yam with corn beef stew and “angwamo tolo beef”, I can live with that. God bless that day I spoke to you at the cafeteria. I get scared sometimes but I am sure with you everything will fall in place. I will want our girls to have your beautiful eyes and lips but not your big nose. Don’t get pissed hope you understand. And of course the boys will be as fine as I am.”
Mansa interrupted with a rapture of giggles, “Nene who or which mirror lied to you?”
“Lol. Of course you did. Didn’t you get jealous when those ladies at work tried to get close?”
“Lol. Nene are you kidding me . Me Mansa jealous?”
“ Hun. Please let me finish my speech. It took me a long time to ponder over it and prepare it.”
“Ha. Nene so you are reading it out to me?”
“Oh no not at all. This guy is talking straight from his heart. No pen and paper.”
“Aside God, Tunde and my love for Barca and football, you are my fourth best friend. I have never imagined another soul mate aside you, another one more wifey than you. I have watched you babysit your nephews. Although those boys are as troublesome as it gets, you always manage to keep them in check. No better mother for the triplets I will plant than you. You should ask my mum how stubborn I was when I was young. That is exactly how they are going to be; three times more.

I don’t know how I am going to feel like when I see you on Thursday and Saturday. The days you finally become mine. Umm maybe a little bit of butterflies will flutter over my face. That’s just about it. But before all the craze and scares, just know that my soul will be so happy to finally be reunited with that one lost rib which is you. It might even do an Azonto dance.”
“ Nene but you can’t dance to save your own life?”
“Trust me. I will be just fine. Tunde has been the best dance coach ever.”
“ Oh hallelujah. That’s some good news.”
“ Mansa just know that I love you so much. I really do and before we walk down the aisle , I wanted you to know all of this. You know I am a man of few words but I really tried with our vows. I am sure it will make you smile on Saturday. It’s been 3 years with you but I have never been so sure of anything else in my life as this.”
“ I love you more Nene.”
“ Get some sleep my love. I can’t wait to storm your house on Thursday with my family and groomsmen. Good night.”

Mansa wiped away the tears on her left cheek. She took the picture sitting on her bedside post. She wiped off more tears. The picture was smiling back at her. Mansa missed papa. He wasn’t able to wait for 3 years to walk her down the aisle. Yoofi and Paapa Somuah were going to do him the honour. She had to visit his grave after the wedding and tell him that his little girl had found a prince whom he had always prayed for and she was going to be safe with him.

She smiled . And to think that he had been cheating. She thought of ways she could get him back after pulling a fast one on her and almost giving her a heart attack.



The End

Nana Akua Frimpomaa Amofa  (c) 2017


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